Lichfield Ladies Circle still has a few months available in their Community Challenge and would love to partner with local businesses.

Lichfield Ladies Circle has been raising money and giving time to local good causes for over 60 years, ranging from CRUSE Bereavement counselling, Stephen Sutton’s campaign, Lichfield scout groups, Open Door of Hope mental health charity, Lichfield Aspergers Parents Support Group, Rocklands Special Needs School, St Giles Hospice and many more.

The community Challenge promotes a local business and their local charity of choice every month. To help build on the success of last year’s Lichfield Ladies Circle Community Challenge which raised £4323, they are still looking for local business partners to help raise funds for our community this year.

Lichfield Ladies Circle are looking to partner with a select group of local and reputable businesses to promote special offers that benefit local good causes. Each offer will last one calendar month in 2016, with each business enjoying one month in the limelight. Lichfield Ladies Circle will promote the ‘offer of the month’ heavily for each business in the local press and social media for you.

In return, they ask that each chosen business donates a fixed cash amount of their choosing from the sale of the special offer into our pooled charity account for the year. The money generated from each of the 12 businesses will be totalled up at the end of 2016 and the money raised will be donated equally to 12 local good causes. Each selected business can also nominate a local good cause of its choosing as one of the 12.

What a great way to promote your business and support local good causes at the same time!!

If you’re interested, do get in touch –